Catalyst Action Fund Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

The outcome of the 2020 presidential election is critical. We face the existential threats of climate crisis, the global impacts of reckless warmongering by the current administration, and the increasing insecurity of housing and medical care for poor and working class people, who are disproportionately Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We know that a national election is not how we reach the liberated world we all desire, but that doesn’t mean we can afford to sit this one out.

We will work to defeat Trumpism no matter who becomes the Democratic candidate. However, the primaries are a time when we can make a big difference in how we defeat Trump — whether through pushing progressive priorities or returning to the racist, neoliberal status quo. What we need to turn the tide of rising white supremacist power in this country is powerful, thriving racial justice movements that both win elections and build power outside the electoral arena. 

After many conversations with our mentors and partners, Catalyst Action Fund is endorsing Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.

Beyond any individual candidate, this election needs to be about building a movement. Regardless of who wins the election in November, we need movements that hold politicians accountable and push racial justice priorities. The movement building infrastructure of the Bernie campaign offers the best chance of carrying forward the organizing energy going into the election.

Bernie is the strongest candidate to beat Trump in the general election. Bernie’s coalition is the most multi-racial and most working class of any contender; the consistency of his long record reflects a principles-oriented approach to politics that sets him apart from the field and can help win back the trust of disaffected voters; his massive grassroots operation is working tirelessly to beat Trump by expanding the electorate, engaging would-be-voters who have `historically been ignored or used by both parties; and his left populism offers a necessary social justice alternative to Trump’s rhetoric of economic nationalism and racist scapegoating. 

Many of our top issues are on the ballot this election. The issues we fight for and care about are being discussed and debated on the national stage, mostly being pushed by Sanders and sometimes Warren – Single-payer healthcare, passing a Green New Deal to address climate change, abolishing ICE, ending money bail, being resolutely anti-war, making public universities tuition-free and canceling all student debt, restoring voting rights to all currently and formerly incarcerated people, and meaningfully addressing disability rights

While Bernie Sanders is our top choice, we know many progressives and people we respect are also supporting Elizabeth Warren, including Black Womxn For. It will take all of us to build the power we need to get a progressive candidate nominated and believe strongly that our side has nothing to gain from infighting. 

Whoever wins the the Democratic nomination will undoubtedly need to be pushed on racial justice issues. As we throw our weight behind Bernie Sanders and commit ourselves to supporting the nominee whoever they may be, we must also commit to pressuring the next President of the United States to prioritize and center racial justice.

2020 requires us to act boldly. Join us as we organize like hell to beat back white supremacy and build a movement that can win in November and beyond!