Catalyst Action Fund does trainings at the intersection of electoral organizing and broader racial justice movement work. We see our trainings as partnerships that fit into long-term electoral & movement strategy.

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Example Training Goals:

  • Support people who are either in movement work but not engaged in electoral work or who are engaged in electoral work but not ongoing movement work to build people power for the long-haul
  • Get people talking to each to help build relationships that can extend beyond the training, with the goal of encouraging them to stay involved in grassroots movement work 
  • Help people build an understanding of the importance of 2020 rooted in a broader perspective of collective liberation
  • Connect people with local organizations doing electoral work, and support the development of the membership or volunteers for local organizations
  • Inspire people to go out and win in 2020!

We offer trainings ranging from half-day to weekend-long, for either multi-racial or white audiences. We tailor our trainings to your group’s needs and offer a range of topics we can build into your training. We lead participatory trainings, give presentations, and organize educational panels. Please contact us at info (at) collectiveliberation (dot) org for additional inquiries.

Please contact us if you are interested in holding a training using the form below: